Frequently Asked Questions

Timeless Harpist

A harp is the perfect background music for every type of event and occasion, including wedding ceremonies and receptions, banquets, seasonal and holiday parties, bridal or baby showers, church services, funeral or memorial services, and more.

I limit my bookings to ensure that your event is special and I can make accommodations for any extenuating circumstances (change in location for weather, travel delays, etc.). If I have an event on your date, please contact me to determine whether I am able to accommodate multiple bookings on that date.

How do you book your event?

All dates are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

After speaking with you via email or telephone to confirm availability, I will e-mail a contract for you to sign and return within two weeks with a non-refundable 50% deposit.

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or money order. I am also looking into PayPal as a form of payment, but an additional fee would apply.

Your date will be tentatively held for you until I receive your signed contract and deposit, after which it will be finalized on my calendar. If your contract is not returned by the two week deadline, your date will be released and be made available to the next inquirer.

The remaining 50% balance for your event can be paid in advance or on the date of your event - due before the event begins. If you are paying on the day of, you may wish to give the payment to a trusted friend or relative who can get it to me before the event begins so that you don't have to carry it around.

*Note: Funeral, visitation and memorial services will not require a contract or deposit. Clients will be sent an invoice and payment will be due on the date of service.

What information is necessary to complete a contract?

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email
  • Event date and starting time
  • Venue's address
  • Duration (for hourly bookings)
  • Indoors or outdoors - rain location, if outdoors
  • Any special requests for wedding ceremony music - may be an additional charge if not already in my repertoire (I do ask for at least 2 months advance notice to purchase and prepare the music.)

What happens after we sign our contract?

Once I have received your contract and deposit, your date is locked in - it will be reserved on my calendar and your booking is "set in stone"!

Clients wishing to have an in-person consultation will be able to schedule their appointment for 1-2 months prior to your wedding date.

Wedding ceremony clients will receive regular contact from me via email to discuss music selections, wedding logistics and other details of the event.

Hourly bookings do not include a music consultation, but I will check in with you ahead of your event to confirm event details and discuss genres of music you prefer.

And if you haven't heard my play yet, click here to listen! Additionally, you are welcome to hear me play at any of the public events listed on my calendar page. Harps can perform a variety of musical genres - learn more about my repertoire.

How far in advance can you book?

I book events up to two years in advance, but am also available for last-minute needs and requests as well. Weddings typically book 5-12 months in advance, which ensures my availability and guarantees your pricing rate. But as soon as you set your special event's date, feel free to call me!

What if I had to cancel?

I never cancel without extreme circumstances. Through pregnancy, seasonal colds, a full-time job, and family emergencies, I have always been able to manage the chaos and continue providing beautiful music for clients.

If I absolutely had no choice but to cancel (due to extreme circumstances such as injury, death in the family, etc.), all payments would be refunded within seven days of my cancellation and I will do my best to assist you with finding a replacement musician for your special day.

Clients sometimes have additional questions about hearing me play, what music a harp can perform, what space is required, how I transport it and more. Scroll down for answers to these questions and more!

What type of music is appropriate for my event?

I will work closely with you to tailor the musical selections to fit the theme of your event - from weddings to holiday parties to memorial services, have pieces to fit every event.

Can we hear you play before we book you?

Absolutely! For recordings of my playing, click here! Additionally, you are welcome to hear me play at any of the public events listed on my calendar page. However, I am not able to meet personally with clients prior to signing a contract. With my husband's unpredictable and very busy work schedule plus two small children, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to squeeze in appointments for potential clients who have not yet decided whether they would like a harpist at their special event. If, for some reason, you were not satisfied after our consultation (this is included with all Eternity package wedding ceremony bookings!), I would be happy to discuss ways to earn your satisfaction with my musical services.

Can I make a special musical request?

Yes, you can make special requests. If you have a request, I will ask you to cover the cost for me to obtain the sheet music. I utilize several online sites that provide sheet music for immediate download and printing, so costs are relatively low - typically $4-$8 per piece. On occasion, certain pieces may not be able to be performed by a harp, in which case I will ask you for an alternative selection or make a suggestion.

What types of music can a harp perform?

A harp can perform many different types of music - if a piano can perform the piece, usually a harp can too. The key to remember is the fewer sharps and flats on a piano, the better it will be for me on harp!

How do you transport a harp and where can you perform?

I transport my harp by myself or with the assistance of my husband. The running joke in my family is that "when you buy a harp, you buy the car to go with the harp too!" Besides a large vehicle, I also use a two-wheeled dolly to move the harp. I can perform just about anywhere, even outdoors - as long as there is cover from the natural elements. My location at your event must be a level and flat surface and should be out of the way of foot traffic. If there is a chance of rain for your outdoor event, there must be a suitable rain location indoors or I will be unable to perform (this is detailed further in the contract between myself and you).

How much space does a harpist use?

I require a space approximately 6 feet by 6 feet in order to set up my harp, music stand, and a small bench. I also try to find an out-of-the-way location for my harp's cover and wheeled dolly while I am playing (coat rooms or closets are sufficient). Depending on your event type and the location, venues will often have suggestions of where I can set up.

Can I book you to play with other musicians?

Sure! While I don't have specific musicians that I currently play with, I am happy to coordinate with a musician you have selected to prepare music for your event.

Please note that additional charges will apply if additional rehearsal time will be necessary.

What if our event lasts longer than the contract was signed for?

Wedding ceremony bookings include an "end time" written into our contract to allow for the possibility of slight delay. However, if the ceremony lasts longer than our contracted time, my contract includes an "overtime" clause - for each 15 minute block of time that I am present past the end time, you will be responsible for an additional fee due immediately at your event. This ensures I am able to finish promptly and maintain a schedule for my family and other bookings.

Hourly bookings are for a specific amount of playing time - start to finish as agreed in our contract. If you would like me to play for an additional amount of time and I am available to do so, the overtime rate will apply.

Why is hiring a harpist so expensive?

As with most harpists in the area, I am a professional musician - that means that this is how I support my family and contribute to our income.

I also spent nearly two decades as a student of some notable harpists in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, learning to play this beautiful but extremely difficult instrument. Lessons are not cheap, nor is the purchase price of a harp.

Additionally, the costs to maintain a harp include replacing strings, annual maintenance and the insurance costs as well as the time, delicate touch and a sizable vehicle required to transport it to your event.

All of these factors contribute to how I determine my rates each year as well as comparing with other musicians in the area. I try to keep my prices as competitive as I can in order to provide you with the best service and musical experience possible!

Still have questions?

Please contact me anytime using the information listed on my Contact page!

I look forward to hearing from you.